Sailing Club Panama | Vela para Todos at Pedro González Island
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Vela para Todos at Pedro González Island

In the week of activities for children on the island Pedro Gonzalez, the instructors of Força 3 Sailing Club Panama move with our sailing boats to the island. We wanted to sail with children who had never driven a sailing boat and give them the chance.

A 45 miles from Panama City, on the small island Pedro Gonzalez, more than 200 children are really looking forward to learn and experience. They received us with open arms.

The days of the activity was a strong wind and waves were big, atypical situation in the village beach.
All children who had the opportunity to sail, were very grateful and asked us to come back soon.

Our team is very grateful too to the people of Pedro Gonzalez for the warm welcome and the great affection we received in those days.
Pedro González, see you soon!

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