Sailing Club Panama | About Us
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We Are Sailing Club Panama

 We are a group of passionate sailors and sea lovers that run a sailing school in Saboga Island, in the Pearl Island archipelago.

 We design activities for all ages, needs and dreams!

 We work flexibly with you to fulfil your desires, which can range from sailing around the virgin islands of the archipelago, learning how to sail, windsurf, SUP or skimboard, enjoying a few days of water activities with a group of friends or family.

 We work with schools and with business providing them great sailing and sustainable experiences.

 We work closely with the local community of the island on different activities we organise.

 We love sustainability so everything we do we do it taking care of the environment around us.

Partner, sailor & eco-lover

She sails since she is 7 years old and has been more than 12 years sharing her passion for sailing and the sea in different schools in Catalonia. She has also volunteered with UNICEF collaborating in different programs promoting children's rights. She is passionate about taking care of nature, sustainability and everything teamwork.

Partner, sailor & skater

He has been sailing since he was 11 years old and he is passionate about the sea. If it is windy, you'll find him sailing or kitesurfing, otherwise, you'll see him on two wheels enjoying the bike. He has been teaching children, teenagers and adults for more than 5 years.

Sailor, windsurfer & ocean soul

She sails since she is 6 years old and has been couching sailing for more 13 years. She teaches kindergarten and primary school in Catalonia, while working in ateliers repairing sailing boats, windsurfing and nautical upholstery. She is an artisanal and sustainable fisherwoman, and has been doing awareness workshops about plastic pollution and ocean conservancy. She loves spending the rainy season in Costa Brava sharing her natal coast as a skipper. Moreover, she is looking forward to sail around the world and she is ready to jump into the next boat knocking her door!

Sailing instructor

He studied sports and felt in love with sailing 2 years ago. Then, he turned it into his way of living and spends most of his time by the sea in Catalonia or by the ocean in Saboga, here in Panama. If you come sailing with us during the summer season, you'll meet him, during the rainy season, he works in Catalonia teaching sailing as well in a beautiful sailing school in Montgat.

Windsurfer & Eco Advocate

She is a crazy lovely human with passion for salty water. She enjoys windsurfing and everything recycling and sustainability. She is part of the team at Ocean Legacy Foundation and she is a key piece on building the first Eco-Centro in Saboga and in the entire Pearl Island archipelago. If you want to hang out with her, you'll find her in the Eco-Centro or on a windsurfing board in the ocean!

Sailing instructor & pre-Olympic sailor

She has been sailing and competing since she was 7 years old. She started going to competitions, training almost every weekend and she had spent three years (2012-15), being part of the 470 Spanish pre-Olympic team, training and competing in the highest level for going to the Olympics. She decided to stop competing and complete her degree for being a preschool teacher and the last two years she had been working as a teacher in a freedom education school. Furthermore, she had been competing in some sailing cruise, and working as a Sailing Coach.

Surfer & handyman

Canadian surfer and handyman that got to Saboga for love. He is the guy with a board on his feet and a drill in his hands. He is always up for a trip around the island by sea or by land. He is really good with materials and building things, and here in Saboga he is a master of building with almost no materials and no resources. We all love his creations!

Yoga instructor

She is a sweet and curious soul from Germany. She speaks Spanish and English fluently. She is a yoga passionate and a travel and sea water addict, so you can find her sneaking into the water or in her yoga mat doing some asanas. She is looking into starting her own yoga business probably in Barcelona, but life takes many turns. The wind took her here, so let's see where wind will take her!


We observe nature and we relate to it with respect.

Our purpose is to provide water sports and eco-friendly experiences in direct contact with nature.

We take advantage of the beauty of the islands in Las Perlas to sail around them, walk their trails, observe the beauty of its biodiversity and practice our favourite sports in unique and secluded beaches.



  • sailing school panama

    Ecologic, sustainable, flexible, active, fun and solidarity.

  • sailing school panama

    We listen to our customers' ideas and design activities according to their needs.

  • sailing panama school saboga

    We create activities tailored to each person according to their age, need and location. We bring the activities to the best place to develop them.

  • sailing school panama

    We develop activities considering the weather conditions, the type of experience each person have, the input from customers, etc.

  • sailing school panama

    We listen the opinions of our customers and we improve every day to offer the best services.