Sailing Club Panama | New Year’s Eve Trip
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Saboga Island    


Come to end 2019 and to begin 2020 in paradise!


Sailing, windsurfing, paddle surf, snorkel, meditation and a lot more!


What’s included?


– Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner during your time here (3 days)
– Eco Camping, sleep in amazing tents (2 nights)
– Visit to the ancient tree in Saboga where we’ll do a guided meditation
– New Year’s eve sunset from Bartolomé Island (virgin island)
– More than 6h for water activities: sailing, paddle surf, snorkel & windsurfing
– New Year’s Eve dinner barbecue and party at the beach
– Discover the tiny and cozy town of Saboga



From the 31st of December 2019 to the 2nd of January 2020



$450/pax (+ $90 ferry round trip from and to Panama city)

Daily schedule, more information and reservation at: