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WEEKEND: MARCH 19th-20th, 2022


🌴 On Saboga Island, next to Contadora Island, surrounded by the sea and among palm trees.

🌴 With Pilates and Yoga professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

🌴 A retreat to enjoy Pilates, yoga, meditation, sailing, paddle boarding, SUP yoga and SUP Pilates.

🌴 Discover the nature of this beautiful island and connect with yourself and with this unique place.




We want you to reconnect with your being through nature after all this time of confinement. That is why we want to put an intention to this retreat weekend. Forget your day to day to reconnect with your essence. Open your heart to live an adventure by the sea. Let your body and soul enjoy the ocean breeze and the sounds of the jungle. Feel, vibrate, connect.





35 nautical miles from Panama City, this beautiful island in the Pearl Islands archipelago is a small paradise in the Pacific with beautiful waters, spectacular skies and vibrating nature. We will arrive on the island by ferry (1h 30min from Panama City) and when we get there, get ready to live a beautiful ADVENTURE with yoga, Pilates, meditation, sailing, walking and paddle tours, SUP yoga sessions and SUP pilates, and with a lot of nature and a lot of magic.





March 19-20, 2022

On Saturday 19th, we will take the ferry at 7:30 am from Marina Flamenco, in Panama City and at 9:00 am we will arrive at Isla Saboga to begin this adventure. Here you can see the schedule of the retreat:


————- March 19 ————-

7:30 am
Ferry departs from Panama City (Marina Flamenco, Amador)

9:00 am
Ferry arrives at Isla Saboga

9:45 am
Welcome, presentation of the retreat & snack

10:00 am to 12:15 pm
Sailing to Bartolomé Island

12:30 pm
Vegetarian lunch
Rest, nap, time for oneself

2:00 pm
Panga ride to Pilates session

2.30pm to 4:30 pm
Pilates session (2h)

4:45 pm
Fresh fruit snack

5:00 pm
Hike to Playa Negra

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm (1h 30min)
Sunset yoga session

7:30 pm
Vegetarian dinner in Playa Blanca under the stars

8:30 pm
Meditation around the bonfire

9:00 pm
We return to the tents by pickup



————- March 20 ————-

5:30 am
Natural juice

6:00 am – 7:00 am
SUP Yoga session (you must choose this session or the next)

7:20 am to 8:20 am
SUP Pilates session (you must choose this session or the previous one)

8:30 am
Vegetarian breakfast

9:30 am
Jungle walk, mindful meditation.

10:30 am
A panga takes us back to the campsite

11:00 am-13:00pm
Activity in the water: windsurfing, sailing or stand-up paddle

13:30 pm
Vegetarian lunch
Rest, nap, time for oneself

3:15 pm
Panga trip from the campsite to the ferry

3:35 pm
Ferry part of Isla Saboga

5:00 pm
Ferry arrives in Panama City







Ana Maria de Maria Pilates Study
She has completed 2 Pilates training programs, the first with an approach to the classical method and tango-pilates and is certified as a full repertoire Pilates Teacher by Balanced Body. She has over 14 years of practice and 12 years of experience teaching “the art of moving with control.” She has been the director of her own Maria Pilates Studio in Albrook for 10 years. She has guided students with different health conditions, injuries, pregnant women, dancers and even high performance athletes. She is a founding partner and director of the Pilates Office training system in San Francisco.


Jéssica Martínez from SupYogaPanama
The first branch of it in 2012 was ViniYoga at Akila Yoga Institute. A certification that she carries in her heart is Yoga Nidra by Ezequiel Anguizola. Not long ago she did a diploma in Psycho-Physical Culture at the University of Panama, focused on Hatha Yoga. When she needs to disconnect from everything, she takes refuge in the sea practicing her favorite hobby: Stand Up Paddle. She a few years ago she joined both disciplines and found an incredible fusion. After dreaming it, feeling it, practicing it and studying it in depth, she decided to be – and create – the first floating studio platform in Panama: SupYogaPanama.



We will sail to Isla Bartolomé, a beautiful virgin island with crystal clear waters. You will learn to take the rudder and the sails of the boat, to set it on course. You will learn to position the sails according to where the wind comes from and according to where we are going. If we are lucky we may see turtles, manta rays and even dolphins, what we will surely see are fish and coral.



We love the sea and nature, but we like eating a lot too. In the kitchen we say that “life is already very sweet and does not need sugar”. Get ready to enjoy a menu of 100% local and natural products. Nothing processed, nothing with added sugar. The sugar will be that of pineapple, papaya, watermelon and the fruits that are grown in this beautiful corner of the world. All the vegetables and fruits come from the Saboga Island itself or from Chiriquí, in the Panama region. All legumes, rice, flour … everything that is not vegetable, comes from Panama too. Everything except plant milks and olive oil!



You’ll spend one night in Saboga Island, in the coolest place to sleep around nature. The camping area is located between palm trees on the seafront. The dawn light will wake you up so you can enjoy the sunrises, which are beautiful. All tents are equipped with mattresses and sheets. Showers are among palm trees and warm water but do not worry, you’re in the tropics. The bathrooms are dry, which means that no water is used, they work with the sand from the beach. It is a sustainable form of baths, which does not consume water because during the dry season, water is scarce.




Enjoy 2 unique days of connection, here we detail everything that is included in the retreat:

✨ Round trip ferry from Panama to Isla Saboga

✨ Travel within the island (by sea and by land)

✨ All meals during your stay on the island: morning and afternoon snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner

✨ 1 session of SUP yoga or SUP pilates

✨ 1 Pilates session on land

✨ 1 yoga session on land

✨ 2 meditation sessions

✨ 1 sailing trip to Bartolomé Island

✨ 1 excursion along a jungle trail

✨ 1 session of windsurfing / sup / sailing

✨ All the logistics and coordination of the stay

✨ Accommodation in a tent

✨ Availability of snorkeling equipment and paddles during free time

(In Isla Saboga we will visit 4 beaches: Playa Grande, Playa Blanca, Playa Negra and Playa El Encanto)



To help you with the payment, you can do it in installments (everything must be redeemed before withdrawal).
To reserve your place you must make a payment of $ 65
The rest can be divided into 2 payments of $ 186


Attention! To enter the island it is necessary either to have the two doses of the vaccine in place or to have an antigen test the day before and present the negative result. We have an agreement with Minimed to have a more comfortable price with the test. So we can help you there.




For any questions and to reserve your place, please contact:
Marta at (+507) 6933 1490 /