Sailing Club Panama | Plastic Recycling
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Plastic Recycling

We think our world is a gift and we need to take care of it to make sure our kids and grandkids will get it in a better shape we did.


Everybody uses plastic. More or less we use and drop plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic toys… day by day we are polluting a world and heading to an irreversible situation.


To fight with this situation we are considering three maxims:


Reduce: If we only use what we really need we can avoid wasting lots of plastic. Maybe we can drink water from our fridge in a glass instead of using small plastic bottling.

Reuse: Increasing the use of tupperwares instead of one-use plastic container or using glass cups instead of plastic cups.

Recycle: Even it is one of our maxims is the last one and the one we should avoid the most. Recycle is good but in most places still requires energy generated by fossil fuels.


As we find lots of plastics that land on the beaches in The Pearl Islands we are trying to find different ways to recycle them. Remember that nowadays there is no way to recycle in Panama and everything gets burned here in the Islands and in the main land.
We are trying to find the way to melt the different plastics in order to create plastic planks and use them for building purposes.


Any ideas are welcome in order to clean our beaches and at the same time convert the garbage in a useful element


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