Sailing Club Panama | Rent Windsurf
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Rent Windsurf

Take the board, take the sail and go windsurfing. You can reach Contadora Island or Bartolome Island from Saboga beach. Enjoy the nice summer wind. We have a range of windsurfing sales and boards, depending on your level and the wind conditions of the day. If you are a beginner we have stable boards and nice sails for you. If you are a pro, we have good water toys for you too.


These are the pro sails we have:

  • Gastra 4.5
  • Neilpride 5.5
  • Neilpride Expression 5.2
  • Neilpride 6.5
  • Neilpride Expression 6.5
  • Fuego 6.5


Price School Material:

  • $50/1 hour
  • $90/2 hours
  • Extra hours: $35 / hour


Price Pro Material:

  • $60/1 hour
  • $100/2 hours
  • Extra hours: $45 / hour

For Rent