Sailing Club Panama | Yoga & Sailing Retreats
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Connect with nature in this beautiful environment surrounded by the ocean and palm trees. An opportunity to combine yoga and meditation sessions with sailing trips, sharing the same goal of getting in touch with oneself in the unique Saboga island.

Sailing and yoga have common things, they both allow you to reconnect and let yourself go and find inside you, the best of you. When you sail, the ocean will take away your worries and we’ll bring you everything you are looking for, it will let you just be.


Yoga in Playa Negra, Saboga, Panama






We team up with Stella from Find Your Om during the 1st and 2nd of February 2020 to bring to live the first ever Yoga & Sailing Retreat in Panama. It was beautiful and wonderful. 


Sailing to a Virgin Island


During the Yoga & Sailing retreat we do a sailing to Bartolome island, a virgin island close to Saboga. You’ll be taking control of the boat, the ruder, the sails, everything. Each sailing boat has a sailing instructor that will teach you and show you how you can manage the boat to get to the island and the main things you need to know about the wind and sailing, you’ll love it. It’s a beautiful experience and very unique for a lot of people here in Panama. 




Yoga & Meditation Sessions


During the retreat, we enjoyed yoga sessions with jungle and ocean views, an active meditation session thru the green and wild nature, a sunset yoga session at a black sand beach and a paddle surf session. 



We team up with Stella from Find Your O