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✏️  We organise school educational trips for kids from 6 to 18 years old.


✏️  An opportunity to learn different water sports, connect with nature, learn about sustainability, about protecting the ocean and the jungle, and get involve with the local community in a unique environment.


✏️ It’s a hands-on approach to learning, meaning students must interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn.


✏️ We work with a non-traditional educational teaching process, with a more humanised value system and a kid-centered teaching-learning process.





We work with some of the best schools in Panama City: The Metropolitan School, King’s College, Balboa Academy, Paul Gauguin and ISP. We organise the trip tailored to each school’s needs and kids’ ages. Half of the day is dedicated to water activities where kids learn sailing, windsurfing, paddle surf and skimboard, and the other half of the day is dedicated to land activities including ocean conservancy and community involvement.



Sailing & Water Sports


Kids will learn to sail, windsurf, paddle surf and skimboard during their trip to Saboga. They’ll be the ones taking control of the boat, the ruder, the sails, everything. Each sailing boat has a sailing instructor that will teach them and show them how to manage the boat to get around and the main things they need to know about the wind and sailing, kids will love it. They can change from one water activity to the other one, so they learn at every moment what they feel like learning. We believe that’s the best way a kid can learn with passion! We normally do between 3-4 hours of water activities.

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Land Activities: Sustainability & Community


Half of the day is full of land activities that include: ocean conservancy talks and active clean beach, recycling workshop in the recycling facility to learn about different plastics and materials that can be recycle and the bad effects of burning or throwing the plastic to the landfill. We also organise activities with local kids, so your students can learn from another reality, we organise soccer and volleyball matches and also we get to visit the local school where kids do a language exchange session. We can also do meditation sessions, nights with the stars and bonfires to share dreams and passions with songs and a guitar! 

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If you are a teacher and you’d like to organise an educational field trip full of adventures and life learnings with your students, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tailor the trip to your group and needs, so kids get the most out of it.

If you are a parent and you find this can be a life changing experience for your kid, you can talk with us and introduce us to one of your kid’s teacher and we’ll start the conversation with the school. 

You can contact us directly at sailingclubpanama [@] or at +507 6933 1490 and Marta or Joel will get back to you happily and excited to organise an adventure dream trip full of nature and life values.