Sailing Club Panama | Laser Bahia Lessons
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Laser Bahia Lessons

The Laser Bahia is one of the most suitable boats for learning how to sail because it is a very complete boat with mainsail, jib, genaker and trapeze.


You can learn alone or if you are a small group (max. 3-4 adults), you can come learn together. An experienced instructor will be sailing with you but you will be the one skipping and working with the sails.


Sailing lessons are private for you or you and your friends. If you have never sailed and you want to start doing it by yourself, we recommend you 10h sailing lessons. After that, you can rent our boats by yourself and keep learning. Sailing is all about going into the water and practicing more and more!


The price is $75/hour/person
If you take a 10h course, we offer you a 10% discount.


♻️ By doing clases with us, you are also helping the sailing school to build the first recycling facility on the Saboga island. We care for the environment and the ocean that allow us to have fun with.



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