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We sew our own sails and we also repair them. We have enough knowledge to repair any kind of sails and materials to do it.


We have an industrial sewing machine and our crew is prepared to do it. The cost is $40/hour + cost of material.


If you are crossing to Galapagos and you need a hand on your sails don’t hesitate to contact us so we can make your trip safer


We will ask you for photos and information on what the sail needs in order to tell you if we can carry out the work, the time and the cost.


Our priority is to provide quality and that is why we use strong materials.

Works we have done:

  • Sailing dinghy sail repair
  • Cushion covers
  • Cruise Ship Spinnaker Repair


If you send us photos of the problem that your sail has, we will tell you if we can fix it or not. We will be honest with the work. In the case of this spinnaker for example, it was the first time we did it and we told the sail owner about it. We told him we could do it and try to fix it but to know that being our first time, well maybe it wouldn’t be perfect.


He was very happy to see the repair that took us about 2-3 days after ordering a material that we did not have in stock.


This is the nice message he sends us on WhatsApp:


“Hello Marta I hope you are well. We have just arrived in Tahiti and the sail which you repaired is still good after encountering several gusts of 22 knots wind and rough conditions. My new sail of 8000 dollars got torn halfway here and I had to use this sail( which you repaired) as my stand by. It has done over 2000 miles now and I am very impressed with your repair. The sail is stronger now than when it was new!
Best wishes🙏🏼⛵️🥂😘


If you are looking to have your own windsurf equipment or dinghy sailboat or SUP, we have you covered. From kayaks, to surf board or sails, we are official distributors of TAHE OUTDOORS.


This includes brands like CORE, ZEGUL, OPEN SPORTS (OPEN’ SKIFF) and others. You can reach out to us, so we can give you pricing and options for you!