Sailing Club Panama | Reducing Packaging
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Reducing Packaging

We don’t like seeing plastic every where damaging the planet, so we have decided to reduce its consumption. Considering our three maxims:


  • Reduce: If we only use what we really need we can avoid wasting lots of plastic. We can drink tap water in a glass instead of using small plastic bottles.
  • Reuse: Increasing the use of tupper-wares instead of one-use plastic container or using glass cups instead of plastic cups.
  • Recycle: Even it is one of our maxims, it is the last one and the one we should avoid the most. Recycle is good but in most places still requires energy generated by fossil fuels. Here in Saboga we are setting up a recycling facility to recycle plastic number 2 and number 5.


As we find lots of plastics that land on the beaches in The Pearl Islands we are trying to reduce the use of them, starting with ourselves. From now we reached to change these small habits:


  • Removing from our diet all junk food or processed food, since it’s not healthy and it comes wrapped in plastic
  • Grow our own food or buy local vegetables and local fruit to avoid useless packaging
  • Fishing ourselves
  • Not using plastic glasses or any plastic cutlery


We will keep reducing our daily plastic use and we encourage everybody to try to do the same steps we are taking. Act local to help making a global change.


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