Sailing Club Panama | The Pearl Islands
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The Pearl Islands

Creating an authentic private island destination requires a particular respect for nature and heritage. Only a few miles off-shore south of Panama City lies a unique island resort waiting to be discovered. With almost 30 kilometers of coastline, 14 private beaches and one of the richest marine and bird sanctuaries on the planet, Pearl Island breaks new ground, environmentally, economically and socially for the region. A world all its own, that feels so far away, and that is yet so very close.


Once the heart of the pearl trade, Pearl Island demonstrates rich ties to its history, culture and origins. With an existing population of only 150 inhabitants in the small village of Pedro de Cocal, it embraces a rich biological diversity as well as its own cultural legacy, recently discovered to be dating back over 5,000 years. Pearl Island is a -wildlife preserve all its own, resting in the serenity of a unique and dynamic ecosystem, marine and bird sanctuary and coral reefs.