Sailing Club Panama | Rent a Splash
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Rent a Splash

If you sail often, and you know sailing well, you can rent a Splash. It’s similar to a Laser Radial, but it has more space for you inside. It’s a great boat to have fun around the archipelago.


Splash is a fast, lightweight and fun sailboat that responds instantly to commands that are given from the rudder and mainsheet. You can easily capsize, but it is also easy to return to the inicial position.


To take one, you must know sailing or previously have done a course of initiation with the Laser Bahia with us.


1 person
3.58 meters
1.34 meters
 Sail Area: 5.5 m2
 52 Kg



  • $50/1 hour
  • $80/2 hours
  • Extra hours: $35/hour

For Rent